What is The Honoured Project?

Showing genuine appreciation for someone in your life can be hard, the ‘right’ words can be elusive. Mix that in with the modern world’s overuse of public thanks and surface level gratitude on platforms such as social media or email, and you can end up with people feeling devalued or underappreciated.

The benefits of gratitude, appreciation and giving are well documented – it’s incredibly powerful for both receiver and giver. We wanted our givers and their recipients to experience this through becoming members of The Honoured Project.

We wanted it to be a number of things all at once – highly personal, detailed but subtle. It has to be concealed, but in plain sight somehow, a keepsake that you could carry on you or wear in everyday life as a reminder you are valued by someone. It’s a modern version of the locket.

It’s the reason our garments are subtly branded – only people who already know about The Honoured Project will know what it is.

That’s why we print your personal message on the inside of the garment, so that it’s a secret between the two of you that no one else will ever see (unless you let them) and so that the words are against the skin, next to the heart.

So, this is your chance to create a highly personalised garment, with your message to someone you truly value printed inside it, packaged up in a presentation box and mailed directly to them.