Writing Your Message

Guidance for those special words:

  1. You should put the person’s name at the start – we do not automatically add this
  2. Make sure you add your name (or nickname/pet name) at the end – we don’t do this unless you put it in your letter
  3. We will give your text a quick spell check, but we cannot be responsible for any mistakes in your letter
  4. We don’t use the fonts in your document, so please don’t add them in – we can put words in bold or italic if you add them in
  5. Please no profanity – even if it’s as a joke or something they will smile at – we’ve taken a zero tolerance approach to this
  6. We do read your letters – to check they are appropriate for an honoured tee-shirt… just telling you that in case it’s a problem (we are like doctors in this scenario – mum’s the word)
  7. At the moment we are only doing English language – this is purely to ensure we can check the messages
  8. We reserve the right to refuse any message we deem inappropriate
  9. Be bold in what you write, it’s your and their secret
  10. Write with love